On sale

The whole year (Ideally we'd pay you to train)

  • The whole year (Ideally we'd pay you to train)
  • The whole year (Ideally we'd pay you to train)
  • The whole year (Ideally we'd pay you to train)
  • The whole year (Ideally we'd pay you to train)

(The Recount Reparations Discount)

A Training for Reclaiming and Restor(y)ing your Life with(in) 13 Moons


(March 28th 2021 - April 15th, 2022)

*Monthly HoodHippie Universe Dreamers Anonymous Episodes
>> on every full moon

*3 Thurs. a month HoodHippie Somatic and Ancestral Exploration & Guidance (live)
>> 9:00am-11:00am (pst)

*Monthly online Dreamers Anonymous meeting Q&A with dream guides (live)
>> on every waning moon 8:30am-10:00am (pst)

*2-6 monthly trainings from a wide variety of decolonial dream guides* (live)
>>trainings span the week of every new moon (Dates TBA)

*Monthly 12 Steps of Decolonization for Dreamers Anonymous Podcast (live)
>> on every waxing moon 6:00pm-7:30pm (pst)


**D.JEDI Guidance (Deep justice, equity, diversity and Inclusion)
**Meditation and Mindfulness Guidance
**Magic without Magicians Practices Guidance (Astrology, Tarot, Reclamation & Restor(y)ing Rituals, etc)
*Music from a wide variety of musical Dreamers and Dream Guides
*A Sponsorship Community (ie. peer accountability buddies, and the calling in of sacred objects, places and practices as community)

*For an additional offering: one-on-one guidance from HoodHippie Universe and any available dream guides*



EMAIL US @HoodHippieUniverse@gmail.com if you want to offer a different amount, explore a creative exchange, make a PAYMENT PLAN or ask any questions that may help you join the journey.

Calendar invite sent upon registration

All New moon class dates/times made available ASAP

HHU D4D Orientation Doc(k): https://bit.ly/30iFP68

We are calling in a community of dreamers who are fully committed to co-creating a year of emergent transformation. Capitalism is complicated and we know life happens, if your care practices need you elsewhere we are open to negotiating forms of reciprocity financial or otherwise.

p.s. Prices are before taxes (talk to us about subversive online exchange for next time?)